Cutting Edge Property Services Lawn Aeration Service


Cutting Edge Property Services Provides Professional Lawn Aeration Services in Aurora, Newmarket, Sharon, Richmond Hill, and King City Ontario Since 1995.


Cutting Edge Property Services offers deep core lawn aeration service for residential properties with the best lawn aeration equipment and techniques available. Why lawn aeration?  Lawn aeration service is vital for all lawns and helps to promote the overall health of your lawn.  The benefit of lawn aeration includes increased water retention, air penetration and the reduction of soil compaction.  Lawn aeration also helps to remove the buildup of thatch which is dead organic matter.  Thatch is thought to feed insects and also promotes weed growth.

How often should I aerate my lawn?  Cutting Edge Property Services get's this question a lot.  Lawn aeration service should be completed one time per year to achieve the best results.  We recommend early spring lawn aeration.  Lawn aeration may also be performed in the early summer months for greater water penetration resulting in a thicker and healthier lawn before the heat.

Cutting Edge Property Services offers the best spring lawn aeration and fall lawn aeration service in Aurora, Newmarket, Sharon, Richmond Hill, and King City Ontario. To book your aeration give Cutting Edge Property Services a call or send an email.

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