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Aeration Timing


Lawn aeration is not recommended during the heat of the summer but in spring and fall.  Temperatures should be below 25 degrees.  If aerating in the fall, do this when at least 30 days of growing weather is anticipated to ensure turf grass recovery.

Cutting Edge Property Services Recommends Watering Before Aeration. Soaking the lawn a couple days prior to aerating should supply the water needed to allow the aerating tines to penetrate to their full depth. If the soil is too moist when aerated, the cores will be pushed to the bottom of the aeration hole causing compaction; if the soil is too dry, the aerator will not penetrate to the proper depth.


When the lawn is dry, aeration equipment cannot penetrate to the proper depth and when too moist, the aeration plugs, which should be removed from the ground, are pushed to the bottom of the aeration hole causing compaction. The soil moisture content is usually just right two to three days after watering or following a snow storm, assuming the snow has melted. If you can push a screwdriver with a 6 inch blade into the ground without much difficulty the soil is at the proper moisture content.


Cutting Edge Property Services Recommends Fertilizing After Aeration


Proper watering and fertilization in addition to aeration are important to the health of your lawn.  Fertilizing your lawn following aeration will help nutrients to reach greater depths of your lawn’s root system.  This can result in a greener, healthier and thinker lawn.


Lawn Aeration and Seeding


In those areas where your lawn is sparse, grass seed can be added to the aeration and top dressing. The grass seed should be scatted prior to and after aerating to permit some of the seed being moved into the soil during the aeration process.


Aeration Questions?


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