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Cutting Edge Property Services Provides Professional Lawn Dethatching Services in Aurora, Newmarket, Sharon, Richmond Hill, and King City Ontario Since 1995.


Cutting Edge Property Services offers lawn dethatching service for residential properties with the best lawn dethatching equipment and techniques available. Why lawn dethatching? Lawn dethatching service is vital for all lawns with large amounts of thatch. The benefit of lawn dethatching includes increased water retention, air penetration and also removes the build-up of thatch which is dead organic matter. Thatch is thought to feed insects and also promotes weed growth.

When To Dethatch

How often should I dethatch my lawn? Cutting Edge Property Services gets this question a lot. Lawn dethatching service should be completed when a thatch layer of 1/2 inch or more of thatch has built up. We recommend early spring lawn dethatching.


Walk your lawn and look for the following signs that indicate excessive thatch and the need for lawn dethatching.


•the grass is green on top but brown underneath

•it looks dead and scalped when you mow

•the lawn is thinning and off-color OR is thick, rich and green but you can't see bare ground between the plants, but only matted, fibrous material

•if the grass feels "spongy" to walk on


The Lawn Dethatcher

A lawn dethatcher is essentially, a large mechanical rake designed to remove thatch. It's much faster, more efficient, and far more effective than trying to do it by hand.

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